Monday, 23 November 2009


Currently busy with reality. Saudi Lifestyle isn't doing any good for me. What can I write about if all the interesting things are in this country. Work + Sleep + Remit money. Its a tireless cycle. ugh.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Corrupt to the extremes

I still haven't gotten to writing a blog for the Typhoons that hit the Philippines for the past month. and now I'm already receiving reports that things are still corrupt even when disseminating relief goods. You decide.

I saw the blog here

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Garganera Avenue's New Home

1249pm Saudi Time
In my flat somewhere in Jeddah
in "The Kingdom"

I just got my first local credit card recently was very anxious to try and purchase something to get a feel of my new card. Then it struck me, why not personalize my blogger account and get myself my own domain, because I've been planning to get one anyway for the longest of times.

So , without further a due, I present to you "drumrolls please..." (drumrolls in the background) Tada!

AccessJCG was named due to the fact that I can now be accessed readily without going through anything else except my domai. sigh. I've always wanted a domain before. Just didn't get any time to do it.

Now, I'll just need to put some sense into this blog and need to give it some purpose other than share to people my ramblings. Maybe you can give a good topic to discuss?

signing out

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Its me.

Its been more than 2 years since I graduated from college. And its coming close to two years since I failed the exam of my life. And now, I'm coming to the tenth month of my stay here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These past few years of my life have been a blur that sped through me like a good movie that you dont want to end. I just reached the age of 24 last April and it feels as if their is emptiness in my being. It must not have been the distance, and its probably not the work... Its something else. There's a looming fear in me that whatever challenges that comes my way, I may not be able to meet it head-on. The word is "inadequacy."

Its been so long since I last blogged, and all the rave today are tweets, when the world moves so fast that you can only share a "tweet" to the world. What is there to blog anyway, when nobody can take interest in whatever it is that you are writing about?

Ive been reading my old blog posts and it feels like I was reading the post of another person and not me. I feel detached from whatever it is that spurred me to compose those blogs. Its as if I had become a whole different person, unsure, if it will be for the better or otherwise.

I am no longer the guy in my friendster testimonials. I am nothing, but a shadow left by my otherwise ambitious physical self. I exist for the reason of existing.
But hope springs eternal, and I am hoping that I can reach out to anyone. For a simple talk. A conversation about life, and what else it can offer other than challenges. Ü

Ramadan 4

Thursday, 19 June 2008

"The Corporate Slave"

Ive never considered myself as a corporate slave, until now. I see myself walking through the filled-up streets of the metro with hundreds upon hundred of "slaves". Different faces past by with an array of expressions which an artist would enjoy. Some filled with excitement, maybe its because they're life has not yet been sucked out of them, while others only look like empty shells of themselves... they're life spent on the intricacies of their jobs. The others are but weary souls drifting among the masses, they're eyes dreary from too much work, low pay, and an ever elusive search for financial freedom. I have become one of them.

The corporate slave wakes up early to do battle with a never-ending foe, never a daunting tasks, but still leaves the greatest of employees strained in the end. The corporate slave glides from different modes of transportation to arrive in his den of terrors. The slave utilizes all sorts of possible transportations. His body is attuned to the bumps and crags on the road, he is hardened and has become numb to the hardships of his travels. He has become an expert on transport, turning long hours of travel into mere minutes in his or her own world. To the slave, they sit travel-travel-stand-move-sit-travel-again and again until they arrive to their destination.

Upon arriving to their designated place of work, they begin to do their task. The task they are good at. The task that they do year after year, day after day. The task that they have mastered and has become truly proficient.

The slaves work, toil, sacrifice health, relationships and quality time, to be able to earn more than what is basically given by the slave drivers.

That is corporate slavery, that is what I have joined, that is what i been born to do and taught. I can struggle against the tide, and i can be gushed away or hold my ground, but today, I am a slave. Today i will do my job to enrich others and not myself. Today I am a nobody. Today i have yet to start making riches to attain financial freedom. Today i walk the hallways of corporate slavery.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

I survived the audit season

13 copies of financial statements to be given to various government and private bodies; an average of 30 pages for every copy; 20 clients coming down your throat for their opinions; less than 3 months of lack of sleep; and then, hundreds upon hundreds of pages of paper that needs shredding to maintain confidentiality. And add to that the rising tension of office relationships, due to stress, lack of sleep, and the ever elusive time. But then, at the end of it all, when you just think that the last flicker of life was snuffed out of you, the adrenalin rushes to your head. The last minutes of the deadline slowly creeps upon you and you start to work like mad. And then you run off with a cab to the nearest Internal Revenue office to have your document stamped and ready for SEC filing. Then the day ends, and night covers the streets of the business district, and yet you feel that the hustle and bustle has yet to subside, but your task is done... you have survived the "audit season."

The past few weeks has seen me sleepy eyed and exhausted from much walking (to and fro clients) and looking at our very radioactive CRT monitors. And having a Pentium III PC does not help at all. I'm telling you, it gets kind of insecure when you see other auditors walking the street carrying their laptops, but hey, I guess I can't complain... I'm just the corporate slave who gets minimum wage. But I stray from my point, that is being able to have experienced the notorious "audit season" that I have heard so much about since my freshman days. And I tell you guys, when people say its a hell of a season, they're not lying. Well, I don't know about other firms, really, but in ours, handling multiple clients is a normal task, I for one have 6 clients. And then there's the experience of doing an all-weeker (i made that up... obviously, its kind of an all-nighter but we get to stay in the office for weeks on end).

Well, anyway, this experience really sharpened my accounting skill, that's for sure. My salary-aches aside, I enjoyed the whole audit season itself.

A messy workspace, used cups of coffee, sleeping on office floors, and the pursuit of that ever elusive 1cent. These experiences will make me a better accountant in the days to come.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The 3-in-1 blog post or Temporary Farewell / Professionalism Hurts (OUCH) / Filipino English

To start off this post which has been long overdue, I would like to apologize to many (if any at all) readers to my blog. I seem to have been to lax to post and was not able to update the contents of this blog...which leads me to the conclusion that its bad timing for me to coninuously create posts for my blog. So I'm bidding everyone a (temporary) farewell here in the world of IT. I'll try to erase all my tracks as much as possible or leave a message for some sites which I cant afford to erase my presence (like friendster for I was a member since 2003 or 2004 and which makes me proud, and here at blogspot whre I have much effort to continuously update). I'll be sure to come back.. and return with a vengeance (or more intellect and confidence in my case).

My second concern would be my very unfortunate and painful experience with a company in which a job ad which can be found here. I was scheduled for an interview at 9am Philippine time at one of their provincial offices (Specifically Laguna), so with much thought I took the risk of being absent and going there. I left my humble abode at around 6-630am and I arrived there at 11pm and using 150++ pesos of cash along the way, as for fare only! Oh the mere bus fare scares me, but what the heck i thought, it could be new opportunity for me. Lo and behold they dont allow anyone to be interviewed if its past 10am, I was even negotiating my way through the guards, but was still not entertatined, much to my disappointment. Not wanting to lose face and still act with dignity, I said my apologies for being an hour late which I took fault for:
1) leaving my house at 6 in the morning when I should have left at 4 or 5 am;
2) not knowing the place of the business when, even though its just my first time to go there;
3) thinking that they are a bunch of nice people who can reconsider to at least hold me for audience just to here my side why I'm late,
4) not being able to perform a teleportation technique to immediately be at the place of interview at 9am (i hope your getting the drift of what Im saying - - - spell S-A-R-C-A-S-M)

To make a long story short, m day was full of bull.

My last concern was reagrding a newspaper ad that covered almost half a page.The advertiser you might ask? It John Robert Powers, I dont know its line of business or what it specilizes in, but it says in the caption that it teaches personal development... hmmm. sounds nice? Maybe, maybe not. The add shows a guy saying "did you went here last week?" and the girl is thinking in her mind (via a comic bubble) "yikes". My English professors taught me a lot of things why Filipinos are experiencing degradation in English, one of which is being judgmental (i hope my term is correct) on how other people speak English. I personally think that what the guy said was ok, but it should be pointed out to him that its grammatically wrong. Its a good thing that the girl only thought of the word instead of saying it loudly, but still if its in a broadsheet advertisement that covers half a page it looks a lot like shouting. I say, let everyone speak English and not judge them, practice doesn't really make anything perfect, but at least it [skill] gets developed over time, and then you can make it your own.

temporary farewell to everyone