Thursday, 19 June 2008

"The Corporate Slave"

Ive never considered myself as a corporate slave, until now. I see myself walking through the filled-up streets of the metro with hundreds upon hundred of "slaves". Different faces past by with an array of expressions which an artist would enjoy. Some filled with excitement, maybe its because they're life has not yet been sucked out of them, while others only look like empty shells of themselves... they're life spent on the intricacies of their jobs. The others are but weary souls drifting among the masses, they're eyes dreary from too much work, low pay, and an ever elusive search for financial freedom. I have become one of them.

The corporate slave wakes up early to do battle with a never-ending foe, never a daunting tasks, but still leaves the greatest of employees strained in the end. The corporate slave glides from different modes of transportation to arrive in his den of terrors. The slave utilizes all sorts of possible transportations. His body is attuned to the bumps and crags on the road, he is hardened and has become numb to the hardships of his travels. He has become an expert on transport, turning long hours of travel into mere minutes in his or her own world. To the slave, they sit travel-travel-stand-move-sit-travel-again and again until they arrive to their destination.

Upon arriving to their designated place of work, they begin to do their task. The task they are good at. The task that they do year after year, day after day. The task that they have mastered and has become truly proficient.

The slaves work, toil, sacrifice health, relationships and quality time, to be able to earn more than what is basically given by the slave drivers.

That is corporate slavery, that is what I have joined, that is what i been born to do and taught. I can struggle against the tide, and i can be gushed away or hold my ground, but today, I am a slave. Today i will do my job to enrich others and not myself. Today I am a nobody. Today i have yet to start making riches to attain financial freedom. Today i walk the hallways of corporate slavery.


My Greek Odyssey Blogger said...

Agreed my friend, but I have one comment. The corporate struggle is not to become rich, but in its essence an attempt to 'run just to stand still'.

jsolo said...
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